Services & Specialties of The Troy Law Firm

At The Troy Law Firm, we provide legal counseling. We do not sell life insurance, annuities, P & C insurance, other insurances, broker real estate, or engage in any other endeavors, commission based or otherwise, that would skew our rendering of impartial legal advice. With the advent of larger law firms providing real estate sales, syndication services, broker fees and the array of other revenue generating programs, the quest for more and more revenue truly distorts one’s judgment, opinion and advice. The Troy Law Firm has consistently avoided all such additional revenue enhancers. We focus on what we are good at – providing sound reliable legal services !



  • Handling matters from beginning to end
  • Addressing most every corporate concern, and knowing when to advise a matter be referred to an even more specialized firm
  • Understanding the ‘Big Picture’ for a client

Matters we do Not Handle

  • Social security and SSDI
  • Medicaid
  • Personal injury
  • Medical malpractice
  • Patent and Trademark
  • Criminal
  • Class actions
  • Tax returns, other than IRS 706 and 709
  • Employee plaintiff litigation
  • Contingency matters
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Government entity

What Makes The Troy Law Firm Different

We care…. we care about people! The Troy Law Firm attorneys conduct themselves based on the ‘highest’ moral and ethical standards, and provide high-quality, cost-conscious legal services. We relate real-world business skills with the practice of law to produce the most beneficial and practical solution possible for each client. While other law firms are driven by billable hours or the academic aspects of law, we put our clients’ needs and business realities first.


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